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The Glock 42 Review

The new Glock 42 is an excellently designed subcompact pistol ideal for concealing and carrying around. This gun is ultra-compact and made to suit people with smaller hands. The 42, which is built in the United States, is the smallest pistol in the famous Glock collection of guns. This pistol is even smaller than the 9mm Baby Glock series. Despite being small, the Glock 42 is sturdy and will withstand the constant use in routine training. The new Glock 42 came about after years of requests and questions by customers for something like it. The manufacturer made this pistol after years of research and development.


Family: G42 Series
    • Model: G42 
    • Type: Semi-Auto Pistol
    • Action: Safe Action
    • Finish: Gas Nitride
    • Frame: Polymer Frame
    • Grips: Black Polymer
    • Weight: 12.35 oz.
    • Caliber: .380 ACP
    • Capacity: 6+1
    • # of mags: 2
    • Magazine Desc: 6 rd.
    • Barrel: 3.25"
    • Overall Length: 5.94"
    • Sights: Fixed


The Glock 42 has a small frame that arouses worry in some that it may not be able to shoot effectively. However, you will get no issues with this gun in that regard. Shooting with this gun is not difficult; it works like other guns by the Glock brand. This pistol shoots accurately, especially in the 7 yards self-defense range. Unlike other 380 ACP sub-compact pistols, the Glock 42 is easier on the hands even after consistent rounds of shooting. This is the kind of pistol you can train with all day long and not suffer from any discomfort.

The Glock 42 has a single-stack magazine; you get two magazines with it. This pistol is 4 inches tall, an inch wide, and under 6 inches long. This semi-automatic pistol has a polymer frame and weighs less than 18 ounces when loaded. The Glock 42 weighs about 14 ounces when it is unloaded. The Glock 42 is one of the best lightweight pistols on the market for environments where concealing is essential.


Unlike other 380 ACP sub-compact pistols, the Glock 42 is easy on the hands. The trigger of the Glock 42 has a great break and crisp reset. Unlike other small pistols, G24 has a short take up and a clean break. This compact pistol has great functionality, the slide release and magazine release are easily accessible. The Glock 42 does not have a reversible magazine release. The ergonomic design of this Glock pistol will impress most people.

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